Printer Servicing and Repair

A very important part of the company is non-stop available service and support for your machines. Our service and support engineers are available 365 days/year, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Together with the selling, installation and service, the Print-x company can offer help in calibration and bringing up of the color management in your studio or your printing shop, the consulting in forming complete studios and print houses, expert opinions, etc.

Preventative printer maintenance & service

We will have a service technician visit your site to:

  • Fix damaged printheads
  • Effect minor printer repairs.
  • Adjust and lubricate moving parts in the printer.
  • Recondition printer pick up rollers and paper transport assembly.

We will also provide you with a written report for each printer detailing:

  • The physical location of the printer.
  • The serial number, manufacturer and model number of each printer.
  • The condition of each printer including the % of wear of the various components.
  • Recommendations regarding additional service that may be required for your printers.